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David Czarra Guintoli is now called out by his stage name as David Guintoli who was born in June 18, 1980.This best American actor was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently he is living in Portland, Oregon.

He really did some pretty good stuff."Giuntoli is sort of like a Midwest vagabond. Louis and graduated from Indiana University, receiving a degree in international business and finance."I kept the makers of the drug Ritalin in business throughout my entire collegiate run," Giuntoli said with a laugh.Find more pictures, videos and articles about David Giuntoli here.Road Rules: South Pacific is the twelfth season of the MTV reality television series Road Rules that takes place in the South Pacific.For this he also moved to Los Angeles for his career beginning in the year 2007 and started his success of achievements with offerings of many films to him.David loves riding bicycle during his free time and according to him it is good for his health as well.

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I watched them during these horribly developmentally impressionable times in my life."Height aside, then-7-year-old Giuntoli couldn't have known that wearing out those old VHS tapes would provide him a solid foundation for his starring role on NBC's Friday series, "Grimm," which the creators call "a modern retelling of the Grimm fairy tales."In the show, Giuntoli plays Nick Burkhardt, a Portland, Ore., police detective who discovers he is a Grimm, a sort of special agent charged with defending the world against the spiritual creatures and evildoers who conceal their real identity to live among humans. 25, drawing in more than six million viewers and tying with NBC's "Dracula" (starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers) for the highest rated show of the evening, according to the network.

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