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User ID End With ' By the time we reach this line, rs("OBJECT_ID") is Null. Update ' This line causes the error, with or without the ad Affect Current parameter. Resync ad Affect Current ' Wrong number :-( b = rs("OBJECT_ID"). Uri I have seen this error when using an SP to fill a recordset that has a JOIN in it and name setting the "Unique Table" property: Set rs Data = New ADODB. Cursor Location = ad Use Client ' for updateable data only With . I have made sure to to keep the column names different... This is the error: Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)': Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing. It happens when the recordset is based on tables where the Primary Key of one table has the same name as a column name of the other table. However, since ADO likes to change your recordset properties with no notification at all you might step through your code and make sure that it is still a clientside keyset after the Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing.

Move Next Loopcbo Need = s Needcbo Need2 = s Need2ado Rec. No, what I meant is using the (hidden) Collect method: Some Value = rs.

I was getting the msg:insufficient key column information for updating and refreshing.

I was loading combo boxes which I learned how to do on Tek Tips thank you very much. Recordset Dim con String As String Dim s Code As String Dim s Elig As String Dim s Elig2 As String Dim s Need As String Dim s Need2 As String Set ado Combo = New ADODB.

Hi VB'ers I just discovered something I thought I would pass along.

Of course I'm probably the last one in the world to realize this but here goes.

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Resync new records won't be visible but that doesn't explain the error.

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