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Barbara tearfully left Tom at the altar and ran off to the Caribbean with James and they made plans to marry.

The Stenbeck fortune first became a problem for the couple when Charles Ivenstrom, whose daughter was pregnant by James' brother, tried to kill them so that his grandchild-to-be, rather than Paul, would inherit the money.

Bianca would later learn Jason was carrying on an affair with the maid, Daphne (who looked like Dee Stewart).

Zenk began the role on September 1 and said her maternal grandparents never owned a television until her debut on As the World Turns. Back then there was no internet, there was no way of getting any information from anyone until the fan mail started pouring in, which it did. I think that’s because I very quickly settled into such an easy rapport with Don Hastings and Kathy Hays, and Helen Wagner, and then eventually, after awhile [sic] with Eileen Fulton," she said.

Not long after, at the funeral of James's brother, Lars, Barbara was shocked to see a man who looked exactly like Geoffrey: Gunnar St. Gunnar surprised the Stenbecks by claiming to be James's cousin. Clair orphanage showing that Greta Aldrin, James's ex-nanny, brought him there after his parents died, because James's father didn't want him living in the same house.

James ordered an investigation and was determined not to let Gunnar claim any rights to the Stenbeck fortune.

She then kidnapped three of her female adversaries (Emily Stewart, Carly Tenney and Rose D'Angelo).

Though the character has since reformed and become a more or less law-abiding presence in Oakdale, she can still be manipulative and devious when she feels she needs to be.

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At about this time, Barbara began receiving mysterious phone calls.

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