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The patches should be considered to protect against the most obvious paths to this vulnerability, but future patches are likely planned to deal with the potential significant performance hits from these patches and for better mitigation coverage.Spectre, in particular, will require follow-on patching.Executable images and DLLs are memory-mapped when they are used, which makes it impossible to update core system files after Windows finishes booting.The Move File Ex Windows API has an option to delay a file move until the next boot.These registry entries are a REG_MULTI_SZ data type, which specifies each operation in pairs of file names: the first file name is the source location, and the second is the target location.

Please reboot the system and rerun the installation." To resolve this error, restart the computer, which clears the information in the "Pending File Rename Operations" registry key.You cannot restart the Linux client with a restart command from the management server.You have the option to schedule the Windows client computers to restart during a time that is convenient for users.You can force an immediate restart, or give the users an option to delay.When you send a restart command to a Mac client computer, it always performs a hard restart.

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