Updating firmware bdp s300

Posted by / 24-Oct-2017 14:36

For the week ending 09/30/12, Blu-ray's market share of total ...Eagle Rock Entertainment have officially announced that they will release on Blu-ray Stone Temple Pilots: Alive in the Windy City, the first-ever Stone Temple Pilots concert to be authorized by the band for commercial video release. On June 7, Sony Pictures Home Entertaiment will re-release The Bridge on the River Kwai on a regular Blu-ray edition.That doesn't explain why your TYs aren't being recognized though. I have from time to time burned discs that apparently burned successfully, yet failed verification.Those discs will usually play correctly (all the way through) on my Sony BDP-S360 (I have two of them), but will only rarely play on a couple older players, a Sanyo and a Sylvania combo player.You may find this list useful when shopping for Christmas ...Rescued from a direct-to-video death sentence, Toy Story 3 went from a potential embarrassment to an Oscar-worthy sequel with the kind of magic only Pixar can perform.i'll search for documentation on Img Burn and get a little more familiar with that. The much anticipated Blu-ray release of The Avengers and the direct to home video debut of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 resulted in a new weekly Blu-ray revenue share record.

now, i know these worked previously as i have created a dvd with these discs of our wedding and had ripped something as recent as 6 months ago with these discs which i had watched.

On occasion, I've also done ISO compares and sometimes it will show mis-compares on a successfully verified disc, and sometimes a disc that failed verification may pass the ISO compare. What I'm getting at is yes, the firmware update perhaps affected the ability of the Sony to recognize burned DVDs. After all, *some* of your discs are still getting recognized.

Newer burns failing on known good discs raise suspicions that the problem is with the old burner.

they work on my OLD sony standard dvd player, my computer (both desktop and laptop) so i know the burns are good.

am i just out of luck that this 3 year old blu ray player is being stubborn or what? Burn at less than full rated speed and use verification.

updating firmware bdp s300-78updating firmware bdp s300-86updating firmware bdp s300-74

after the update, tron played without any problems.